Comprehensive supply chain IoT service, Asset IQ, launched by Tosca

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Tosca, a leading company in re-usable containers and pallet pooling for supply chains, has announced that it has added a comprehensive IoT service called ‘Asset IQ’ to its broad portfolio of reusable assets. Tosca Asset IQ is supply chain IoT that delivers critical data and insights about supply chain performance. Partners will use it to find efficiencies and relieve bottlenecks, leading to better performance.

The Asset IQ service involves outfitting Tosca’s pooled re-usable products with active IoT technology and reporting real-time data on a dashboard accessible to customers on their own computers and mobile devices. Tosca will work with customers to determine the best solution for them by combining the Asset IQ technology and products from Tosca’s broad portfolio of re-usable pallets, bulk containers, displays, crates, and dollies that best suits the customer’s needs. Core capabilities include real-time asset location, the ability to pinpoint asset leaks, and monitoring of asset utilisation, cycle times and overall pool efficiency.

“The capability to record and understand data is one of the most important ways a business can understand actual performance and identify improvements that can be made,” commented Eric Frank, CEO at Tosca. “We see a huge potential for our customers to optimise efficiency in their supply chains by combining our high-quality products with the intelligent insights provided by our IoT technologies.”

Tosca Asset IQ enables organisations to keep track of products through the supply chain and utilise a smaller pool of reusable assets, reducing overall waste and supporting the circular economy. In addition to offering the ability to trace products and assets through your supply chain, Asset IQ allows for advanced functionality such as temperature, humidity, vibration, inventory, weather, and hygiene tracking.

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