Conker launches wearable barcode scanning technology

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Final Destination Logistics exhibitor Conker is launching a wearable barcode scanner and PDA combination.

The portable and low weight device combination has been designed to drive logistics productivity, by increasing operator efficiency and uptime.

The scanner delivers an average of 15 hours working time, and the PDA 10 hours of battery life. The vigorously tested BG2 glove has shock-proof industrial grade housing and comes with charging dock and spare battery.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, barcode data from the scanner is transferred instantaneously to the device, ensuring the operator can easily double-check the item scanned. Workflows can be optimised because, at all times, the operator’s hands remain free to continue with other critical tasks, such as picking and packing boxes.

James Summers, CEO at Conker, said: “We’re extremely proud to be launching this new platform, supporting the need to improve productivity and workflows in logistics. With the exceptional growth of the sector and increasing demands on warehouses and logistics workers, digitalisation is essential.”

If you want to see Conker showcase its latest technologies, make sure you register for Final Destination Logistics now!

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