Consumers want more specialist food shops

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Consumers was more specialist food shops in their local area, and fewer betting shops, according to research by the Association of Convenience Stores.

Top of the list of services that people want more of are specialist food shops (1st) and banks (2nd). Rising rents, the cost of business rates, and cuts in interchange fees for ATMs have led to widespread closures of bank branches amid a continued decline of dedicated butchers, bakeries and other food stores.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience stores have spent £633m over the last year investing in their businesses, with much of that work going toward bringing more and more services into their stores, from Post Office counters, to banking services, pharmacy counters and even bakeries and butchers within the shop. However, retailers are faced with the prospect of higher business rates whenever they improve their stores which can have a significant impact. Business rates need to incentivise investment, otherwise communities could face losing essential local services altogether.”

Consumers want more:
1st: Specialist food shops
2nd: Banks
3rd: Non food stores
4th: Post Offices
5th: Restaurants
6th: Pharmacies
7th: Convenience stores
8th: Petrol stations
9th: Coffee shops / cafes
10th: Pubs/ bars

Consumers want fewer:
1st: Betting shops
2nd: Pawnbrokers
3rd: Fast food shops / takeaways
4th: Charity shops

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