Cool glass cuts Samskip’s emissions

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Samskip expects to cut office cooling energy at its Rotterdam headquarters by half after installing specially laminated glass that blocks infra-red rays but not daylight.

It reckons it is the first company in Europe to use the glass and expects to cut carbon emissions by about 45 tonnes a year.

The patented glass product is being installed on all windows at Samskip’s 4,000 sq m head office, with around 229 laminated glass panels fitted, covering an area of 548 sq m.

Functioning as a third ‘isolation’ window the glass keeps in heat in winter, but its infra-red blocking properties keep out heat in summer without affecting daylight. This is expected to cut the energy used by office cooling installations by 50 per cent.


Samskip is the first company in Europe to benefit from the cheaper, and ‘greener’ climate control system, following 10 years of R&D into SR-IR laminated glass and an exhaustive testing phase.

Eva Rademaker-de Leeuw of Samskip said: “Our aim is to run our business in as environmentally friendly a way as is possible; this is true for our logistics operations, but also for our offices. We hope others in the logistics and transport industry, and beyond, will follow our example.”

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