DispatchTrack launches AI-powered CO2 tracker

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Last mile delivery solutions provider DispatchTrack today announced a feature that allows companies to track and report carbon dioxide usage.

The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise routes in last mile deliveries, with the aim of saving fuel. By saving fuel, companies can reduce costs as well as production of greenhouse gases.

DispatchTrack’s new feature takes into account all stops that need to be made within a day and finds routes that require the least fuel consumption, which it claims can reduce the fuel consumption of last mile delivery companies by over 10%.

Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and Chief Executive said: “When it comes to the last mile, businesses around the world are taking sustainability seriously. There’s mounting pressure to do better and to invest in initiatives that actually reduce CO2”.

He continued: “With the industry’s first AI-based CO2 tracking capabilities, we’re helping our customers double down on their net-zero commitments and achieve their sustainability goals. By providing CO2 emissions numbers in real-time and route optimisation powered by AI, DispatchTrack is helping our customers reduce their emissions with confidence and become even more competitive”.

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