DSV set to make warehouse automation more accessible for differently sized companies

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DSV will be investing in 20 automated fulfilment centres across Europe, North America, and APAC.

The large-scale multi-user facilities will allow DSV to offer warehouse automation to differently sized companies, both in B2C and B2B.

The string of automated warehouse facilities can cater for the specific needs of a company, while the goods are stored in regional hubs as close to the end user as possible.

The company will have direct access to information and only needs to focus on their core business activities. DSV will take care of the order fulfilment and will scale up or down according to the demand.

Ronald Poort, Executive Vice President DSV said: “We know there is a significant gap in the market for automated warehousing solutions for companies without enormous volumes because, usually, these solutions, such as AutoStore, are only accessible as a single-user solution for companies with a certain scale.

“We are investing significantly in a string of 20 interconnected automated facilities across several continents, so our customers can get access to the much-needed automated capacity.

“By doing so, we are providing companies of all sizes with the opportunity to get access to DSV’s automated solutions matching their fluctuating needs in one market or across multiple.”

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