E2open to modernise Tesco’s global logistics and transportation management

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Cloud-based supply chain management software company E2open is working with Tesco to replace its legacy transport management system and utilise the E2open platform for increased visibility, transport execution, invoice processes and supply collaboration.

E2open’s network and applications manage all tiers of production, inventory, logistics, global trade and channel activity from a single platform in the cloud. Tesco will leverage this networked platform to align, collaborate with and orchestrate Tesco’s large global community of suppliers and logistics partners as they serve nearly 4,000 stores around the world.

“With the complexity of today’s supply chain there is simply no room for error,” said Michael Farlekas, President and CEO at E2open. “From procurement to logistics to payment, our expansive, integrated platform will provide Tesco with the highest level of visibility into their global supply chain, reducing costs and improving efficiency while providing greater oversight to help avoid consumer shortages.”

E2open will help Tesco improve efficiency through standardising disparate processes across forwarders, modes and regions, resulting in better utilisation, reduction in detention and demurrage fees,  and improve overall stock management. E2open’s platform will also facilitate ordering and ensure that Tesco reaches a better fill rate of its shipping containers and other assets.

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