eBay to launch fulfilment services for UK sellers

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eBay has announced that it will be implementing a fulfilment service by Orange Connex which is its first end-to-end fulfilment service for UK sellers.

The service has been launched in response to a significant growth in online shopping over the past year, and the rising demand from small-medium sized businesses, (SMB), sellers on eBay looking to scale and grow.

Sellers will be able to use eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex for orders that are sold on eBay or their stores on other online platforms.

The service will enable sellers on eBay to offer next-day delivery, same-day handling, a fully tracked service and late cut-off times to buyers. Managed through a central integrated platform, it also means sellers will benefit from full seller protection for delivery-related errors.

Gerry Power, Country Head, Orange Connex Global UK said: “This end-to-end fulfilment process will offer sellers improved visibility and control throughout the supply chain, while the end shopper can enjoy a more enhanced delivery.”

Murray Lambell, General Manager, eBay UK said: “We know that managing space and storage for inventory can be one of the biggest pain points for our sellers, while an increasingly competitive retail environment means that consumers expect faster and more transparent delivery times. eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex sets out to address these, offering more capacity to grow and a simpler, more cost-efficient process so that sellers can offer more flexible delivery options.”

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