Etihad Cargo launches AI-powered solutions

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Etihad Cargo has implemented AI-powered solutions to transform its air freight operations while boosting flight cargo capacity.

Deployment of AI technology is the latest step in Etihad Cargo’s company transformation, and will enable the carrier to improve cargo volumes by optimising capacity on every flight across the carrier’s network.

In 2021, Etihad Cargo entered into a proof-of-concept agreement with logistics solutions provider, Speedcargo Technologies, becoming one of the latest  carriers to leverage the Singapore-based provider’s AI products to maximise cargo capacity on flights.

Martin Drew, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Cargo of Etihad Cargo said: “Since embarking on its digitalisation strategy in 2018, Etihad Cargo has developed, trialled and launched new technologies and solutions to provide customers and partners with an improved service offering.

“The recently completed trials of Speedcargo’s AI-powered solutions have demonstrated it is possible to improve cargo capacity utilisation across Etihad Cargo’s fleet and standardise cargo acceptance and build-up processes to improve the consistency and quality of cargo handling at stations within Etihad Cargo’s network.”

Etihad Cargo uses Amplifi to optimise its cargo loads on each flight. The technology calculates free and usable capacity based on booked cargo, aircraft type, and cargo offer. Utilising the system-generated ULD level load plans, Etihad Cargo will maximise the cargo carried on its flights and significantly reduce the risk of overbookings.

Cargo Eye is a modular system which captures cargo dimensions and volume data, and is powered by Microsoft’s IOT Edge solutions and Speedcargo’s proprietary algorithms. Cargo Eye allows Etihad Cargo to digitise its cargo as it enters the carrier’s ground handling stations, enabling the real-time sharing of cargo information for load planning, build-up planning and forward operations.

Drew added: “Creating digital audit trails of how cargo is received and handled will benefit Etihad Cargo’s customers by providing a more seamless end-to-end experience and improving the productivity and efficiency of planners and ground handling partners, with the ability to handle multiple flights simultaneously.”

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