Europa Worldwide ‘ready for no-deal Brexit’ after £2 million investment

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Europa Worldwide managing director Andrew Baxter (pictured) has said that the freight forwarder and European road freight operator is “ready to handle a no-deal Brexit”.

Europa has spent £2 million to ensure what it describes as the smoothest possible transition for its customers should there be a no-deal Brexit.

The £2 million investment includes a 75 per cent increase in raking capacity at its Dartford warehouse, as the company had concerns that if customers did not react in time to customs clearance matters the warehouse could get clogged up with freight on hold.

It has also created a new customs clearance team, as well as expanding and training its operations team.

“Having made adjustments to our business model and by putting in place new processes and procedures, I believe that Europa will provide as smooth a flow of goods as is possible minimising any negative impact to transit times,” said Baxter.

“Plus, by securing Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Trusted Trader Status and expanding our Transit Guarantee, we will ensure that we have adequate facilities to look after all of our customers’ requirements,” he added.

Baxter also claimed that the level of border delays in the event of a no-deal Brexit “have been exaggerated” and Europa would expect “some disruption in the first few weeks, but not much more than that”.

Baxter was a prominent supporter of the leave campaign during the referendum three years ago, with now prime-minister Boris Johnson visiting Europa’s Dartford hub to launch his campaign in March 2016.

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