Eurotunnel and TLF Overseas in post-Brexit partnership

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Eurotunnel and the Union of Transport and Logistics Enterprises of France – Overseas Activities have signed a deal to support the 1.7 million trucks containing 22 million tonnes of freight travelling between the United Kingdom and continental Europe through the Channel Tunnel per year post-Brexit.

The agreement will allow registered customs agents operating on behalf of customers to benefit from a contact point at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais which will act as an interface between truck drivers, French customs, sanitary and phyto-sanitary services and RDE representatives.

Hauliers will need to provide import and export declarations in advance and will benefit from a smooth service 24 hours a day. Drivers will also be assisted and accompanied in providing any required documents.

“Eurotunnel has chosen to offer a tailored service to its customers to facilitate their crossings and to make the Channel Tunnel a smart border” said Jacques Gounon, chairman and chief executive of the Group.

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