FedEx Express boosts intra-Europe and intercontinental air network capacity

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FedEx Express has increased its intra-Europe capacity with the addition of three new flights and four flight capacity upgrades.

The new flights add a total of 210,000 kilograms of freight a week on specific lanes within Europe.

In anticipation of peak season, FedEx Express will also temporarily boost its transatlantic air capacity, reaching up to 20% additional capacity in the busiest week of the busy season.

The intra-Europe flight upgrades, introduced in a phased approach as of September 2021, are a permanent addition to the FedEx Express air network and connect the FedEx Paris Charles-De-Gaulle (CDG) hub to key city hubs and gateways in Europe.

The connections include; CDG-Kiev (Ukraine), adding 68,000 kilograms of weekly capacity; CDG-Manchester (UK), adding 23,500 kilograms of weekly capacity; CDG-Stockholm (Sweden), adding 60,000 kilograms of weekly capacity.

Together with a recently announced new transpacific connection, as well as additional peak season capacity between Europe and the US, the company has added up to 1 million kilograms of weekly capacity in December for businesses shipping their products across Europe or intercontinentally.

Karen Reddington, President of FedEx Express Europe said: “These latest air network investments demonstrate our commitment to growth, to our customers, and to supporting the flow of trade at a challenging time for supply chains and companies.

“Together with our peak capacity expansion to the US and our new EU-APAC flight, we are ready to support our customers during peak and beyond, whether they do business within Europe, or intercontinentally to the East or to the West”.

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