Crocs implements Skyfall pouch sorter solution for high precision and flexibility

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Ferag’s advanced pouch sorter system, Skyfall, is helping to automate logistics processes and handle e-commerce orders at shoe manufacturer, Crocs, in Dayton, Ohio (USA).
The project involves expanding the existing distribution centre by more than 70,000m2 (230,000ft2) and is taking place under the direction of Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company. In the first phase, the Skyfall system will be equipped with 33,500 pouches that act as a dynamic, constantly rotating circulating buffer as a result of Ferag’s new U-turn switch. Commissioning is planned in several stages up to August 2022.
According to system integrator, Bastian Solutions, the Skyfall pouch sorter from Ferag proved the best technology for helping Crocs meet its strategic business growth plans, working in combination with the upstream AutoStore system. The goal was to find a high-performance, high-precision ‘order fulfilment machine’ that is able to reliably process up to 40,000 units an hour at peak times, when complete. A further decisive point was flexibility.
The Skyfall solution can not only be scaled-up with minimal effort when required but can also be used for processing returns, which was planned from the outset in this project. The Ferag system can also be adapted to changing buying habits, new order profiles and seasonal fluctuations without any issues. Even changes within the Crocs product line do not pose any problems. These were the main reasons why the shoe manufacturer – famous worldwide for its plastic clogs – opted for Ferag’s Skyfall solution.
With 18 manual in-feed stations and 153 delivery stations, 736 switches and about 8km of conveyors, the latest order from the USA is one of the largest Skyfall pouch sorter projects that Ferag has implemented to date. In addition to supplying its highly robust and fail-safe technology, Ferag also provided Crocs with a sophisticated concept for handling the special Jibbitz shoe charms that Crocs wearers use to personalise their shoes.
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