First customer for new shuttle system

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Kramp, the supplier of spare parts and services in the agriculture, forestry, landscaping and earth-moving sectors, has awarded KNAPP a contract for the first of its new OSR Shuttle Evo systems.

The shuttle systems are being installed in two distribution centres in Germany and the Netherlands.

KNAPP says the OSR Shuttle Evo offers the highest throughput and storage density on the market, and new processes such as storage, picking, buffering, sequencing or replenishment, can easily be integrated.

Kramp chief executive Eddie Perdok said: “With KNAPP, we have found a strong, innovative partner who has perfected the shuttle technology through years of experience.”

Heimo Robosch, executive vice president of KNAPP, said: “The new OSR Shuttle Evo features a compact construction with a reduced conveyor system. The system can be scaled as desired. Kramp therefore has the opportunity to expand the system in keeping with future growth, up to double the size.”


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