Four growth drivers for DFDS

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DFDS has set out four key growth drivers for the business over the next five years enabling it to increase EBITDA from DKK3.6 billion last year to DKK5.5bn in 2023.

The four drivers are:

  1. Grow solutions to select industries

Further specialise and develop end-to-end solutions for initially automotive, forest & metal and cold chain customers. Growth is expected to include targeted acquisitions.

  1. Digitise services to accelerate growth

Make services easier and more cost-efficient for freight forwarders and other customers through digital solutions. Digitise core operating systems to enhance operational efficiency and develop new services.

  1. Develop and expand the ferry and logistics networks

Achieve long term business plan goals for new Mediterranean business unit. Gain benefits from deployment of new buildings with lower unit costs. Continuous improvement projects. Grow scale advantages through acquisitions.

  1. Create more value for passengers

Develop the customer experience for passenger on both cruise and transport routes.

Chief executive Torben Carlsen said: “Our ambition exceeds the outlook for continued modest market growth. Therefore, our strategy is to leverage the reach and strength of our network to do more for customers and to raise efficiency. This way we intend to grow considerably over the next five years.”

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