FourKites Premier Carrier List reflects supply chain’s resilience

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FourKites has today published its global Premier Carrier List (PCL) for Q4 2021 which showcases the growing community of brokers, carriers, and 3PLs globally that achieve the ‘highest standards’ of visibility-related operational excellence across all modes of transport in the supply chain.

The total number of good transported by PCL carriers grew by 10% from Q3 to Q4; to almost 4 million across the supply chain.

Nearly 400 carriers made the list in Q4, with particularly strong growth among European carriers, which now comprise nearly 20% of the list.

For companies to make it on the list, they must be able to demonstrate the ability to provide high-quality data on their loads, which enables the shipper customers and other partners to streamline operations and increase the speed of their shipping dock turn times, reduce inventor levels, and optimise labour costs.

“Van den Bosch is always on the lookout for new opportunities to make its supply chain more efficient and sustainable. Fueled by data, insights and knowledge, innovation and digitalisation are key drivers. The qualification for Premier Carrier is a nice recognition and confirmation of our position as the supply changer in bulk,” said Marrit Hopman, Data & Applictions Manager at Van den Bosch.

“We’re proud to be recognised as a FourKites Premier Carrier because it reinforces our promise to provide unparalleled customer service. We’re dedicated to delivering real-time visibility and tracking updates that matter most. It’s also why our customers consider us their logistics partner, not just their provider,” added Peter Coratola, Jr., CEO of EASE Logistics.

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