Fowler Welch switches to Transdek to upgrade double deck loading capacity

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Temperature-controlled 3PL Fowler Welch has switched to Transdek to increase its loading efficiency, and reduce vehicle turnaround times at its Washington distribution centre. 

Fowler Welch’s 59,200 sq ft hub in Tyne and Wear provides a relaxed consolidation facility and pick-to-order service for a major retailer, as well as straight-to-store orders for the convenience sector. The 3PL selected Transdek to optimise efficiency and productivity with a new 12.5-tonne version of its vehicle-to-ground (V2G) range of modular double deck lifts specifically for Fowler Welch’s flat-floor warehouse.

The lift offers a 3.1-metre stroke that enables it to load all goods vehicle types, from double deck trailers to home delivery vehicles.

Transdek claims its Connect system can reduce maintenance callouts by as much as 80 per cent, as specialist engineers will be able to resolve the majority of faults remotely.

Fowler Welch chief executive Nick Hay said: ”The new lift has speeded up double deck unloading on our inbound operations significantly and given us an extra loading bay, which has allowed us to cope with increased traffic at the site.”

Transdek claims an average 98% productivity rating, as the V2G’s single-ram design is intended to reduce the high wear points found on traditional scissor lifts.

Leon Butler, managing director at Transdek, said the new V2G double deck lifts ”make maintenance and hygiene access much simpler, and it also means we can avoid the drainage issues and extra installation times and costs associated with pit-mounted scissor lifts.”


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