Fuel additive promises 5pc economy boost

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Total Lubricants has launched a new diesel fuel additive for commercial vehicles, which it says can reduce fuel consumption by up to five per cent.

When added to regular diesel fuel within the vehicle, Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel cleans the engine by preventing injector fouling and therefore extends engine lifespan by reducing friction, which also results in reduced maintenance costs.

These combined actions provide significant benefits, especially to those who drive a high number of miles using diesel vehicles.

The company said field tests covering more than 12,000,000 km, showed that injector fouling was prevented up to 93 per cent of the time when using Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel. Furthermore, the additive was able to clean up to 45 per cent of existing fouling in vehicles.

Total also said the tests showed CO2 reductions of up to 4.2 per cent. Carbon monoxide was also reduced by 32 per cent, unburnt hydrocarbons by 55 per cent, nitrogen oxides by 21 per cent and particulates by 16 per cent.

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