German Bionic launches new smart wearable tools for warehouses

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Wearable technology manufacturer German Bionic has announced the launch of three new products aiming to improve workplace safety and support warehouse staff with carrying out physically demanding tasks.

The company has expanded its product range, adding a second exoskeleton model to join its initial offering, as well as a smart vest and a new data insight platform.

Its first exoskeleton tool is called Cray X, which it describes as a rugged and powerful tool that ‘brings relief to the most labour-intensive tasks’. Its new model, Apogee, is built to be ‘leaner, lighter, and more comfortable for long-term use’. Both support lifting and walking with up to 30kg of lifting compensation.

These tools are dust-proof and water-proof, using machine power to reduce fatigue in workers when undertaking manual labour.

German Bionic’s new Smart SafetyVest is described as ‘an advanced PPE garment that uses smart sensors to collect and report on workplace ergonomics and productivity’. Rechargeable smart sensor units upload data to a cloud-based software platform. In addition to collecting data insights, the vests can assess risks and provide recommendations to reduce the likelihood of injury.

The software platform that makes this possible is the new German Bionic IO, which is intended to improve the measurability and visibility of workplace healthy and safety. It applies machine learning and AI technology to ‘continuously learn and enhance safety effectiveness with the wearer’s every movement’. Its Smart Safety Companion early warning system alerts users to instances of, for example, poor posture or excessive strain, and allows for these to be monitored and reported.

Norma Steller, Chief Product Officer of German Bionic, said: “With our new wearables, we are empowering hard-working people with the tools they need to do their jobs more safely and sustainably.”

She continued: “Both our new ergonomic wearables – Apogee and Smart SafetyVest – as well as our award-winning Cray X exoskeleton enable us to provide the right support for just about any company or work environment where manual work is performed. And with the German Bionic IO data platform, we also deliver a powerful analytics tool for workplace ergonomics and processes.”

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