Monday 24th Feb 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Getting the address right can reduce 262m kilos of emissions

Accurate destination data for deliveries could reduce UK carbon emissions by 262 million kilos annually, according to analysis from PostTag.

Every year vans are driven 52.2 billion miles in the UK and emit 13 billion kilos of CO2. PostTag has found that drivers spend an extra two and a half hours on the road each week because they cannot find the correct delivery address. Half of UK postal addresses are off the mark on a standard sat nav by almost the length of a football pitch which contributes to 13 billion kilos of emissions produced by van traffic each year.

Using more accurate destination engines would reduce this by 262 million kilos annually, said PostTag. “The UK postal system is good but not great and this means that delivery drivers are driving thousands of unnecessary miles every day. While talk heats up of autonomous deliveries to reduce carbon emissions, without precise address data drones and driverless car deliveries cannot be implemented,” said PostTag chief executive, Paul Yewman.