IDC White paper: Is your supply chain ready for the digital age?

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The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, it is information. In the digital economy, information is currency and separates the leaders – who capture, leverage and secure information to deliver insights and sources of value – from laggards.

To innovate, deliver new sources of value and increase agility, organizations must have accurate, complete, quality data spanning multiple systems and lines of business. However, most organizations are saddled with legacy integration technology that is unable to keep pace with the explosion of information, cloud applications and security and privacy standards.

Business agility, growth and differentiation begin with data integration and data management modernization. Organizations turn to OpenText Business Network to connect their data, across any system, protocol, standard or source, to gain an information advantage.

OpenText Business Network digital business integration overview


Business Network integrates, manages and secures data across any data source – internal and external, structured and unstructured – in any format and any protocol. It delivers tailored data management solutions or packaged SaaS applications that support order management, electronic invoice compliance, community management, logistics track and trace and more.

A managed service in the OpenText Cloud, Business Network provides a modern, microservices-based architecture that is secure and massively scalable to support complex integration and business processes, within and beyond the four walls of an organization.

IDC recently conducted a global survey to identify the benefits of digital transformation for the supply chain and B2B operations.

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