IM Properties seeks extra 1.5m sq ft at Peddimore to accommodate Amazon

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IM Properties is looking to increase the amount of space available at its Peddimore scheme in Birmingham by 1.49 million sq ft.

The developer is looking to revise the original application for Zone 1A to accommodate its new end user – rumoured to be Amazon.

Originally the total floor space for the entire scheme was put at 2.67 million sq ft however, Unit B alone would provide 2.325 million sq ft – 90% of the allowable floor space. However, as Unit B will in fact have a smaller footplate than previously imagined, the developer is hoping to persuade the council to increase the total space allowed upwards to 4.16 million sq m some 1.49 million sq ft bigger.

In the planning documents, it seems that the developer argues that the total allowable floor space should focus on the footplate of a building not mezzanines. It says: “[Unit B] would take up almost 90% of the “budget” with only 31,645 sq m [340623.95 sq ft] of residual floorspace (Gross Internal Area) remaining for the other development zones (on the basis that mezzanine floors constitute floorspace in the conventional sense).”

“While the overall quantum of floorspace will increase due to the introduction of the three mezzanine floors, the total ground floorspace provision (including ancillary buildings) will actually reduce by 18,965sqm [204,137 sq ft] GIA (247,716sqm to 228,751sqm) [2.66m sq ft to 2.46 ms sq] (when comparing the original and updated Illustrative Masterplans).”

It is envisioned that Unit B will have a ground floor footplate totalling 624,210 sq ft with three mezzanines totalling 1.7 million sq ft. It will be used as a high – quality storage and distribution centre according to the planning documents.

As part of its arguments the developer continued: “This clearly represents an exciting milestone and catalyst to unlock the full potential of Peddimore

“It should, however, be recognised that there has been a significant change in circumstances since the original permission with economic productivity declining and unemployment increasing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Peddimore has therefore been identified as a priority project in BCC’s Economic Recovery Strategy (2021), which underlines the importance of delivering the development as soon as possible, particularly in the context of a prospective occupier requirement for a significant and high-quality storage and distribution centre (“Unit B”).”

No party was available to comment on the story nor confirm Amazon’s involvement.

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