Imperial Logistics invests for steel contract

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Imperial Logistics International has invested in three heavy-duty tractor units and seven heavy-duty trailers to support its logistics contract for a major steel producer at its Bochum plant in Germany, which produces 3 million tonnes of steel coil per year.

The new Terberg RT223 tractor models are powered by 6-cylinder 160 kW Volvo engines and feature 9-speed gearboxes (6 forward, 3 reverse), revolving driver’s seats and controls, power-elevating saddles and the latest-standard safety cabs.

And the 9.5 metre-long, 80-tonne payload trailers feature separate hydraulic systems for opening their roofs so that contaminated oil can no longer enter other systems in the event of damage, reducing potential expensive repairs. A different axle location ensures that the trailers have better weight distribution to avoiding overloading of the tractors’ saddles.

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