Increase efficiency with Shift Change & PA Systems – as used by Amazon and DPD

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With hundreds of staff spread over a large warehouse, coordinating, motivating and communicating with your workforce can be challenging. Yet without those actions, it is likely your logistics operation is losing efficiency which will affect business performance.

Chosen by Amazon and DPD, Bodet’s IP Harmonys System is an all-in-one Audio Alert & PA System designed to solve these issues. This is how they and similar organisations have benefitted from such a multi-function solution.

Shift change and avoiding lost time

When it comes to shift change or breaks, relying on personal timekeeping can often result in lost minutes of productivity. This might not sound like a lot, but when combined over multiple workers and multiple days, it can soon add up to tangible losses. Synchronising shifts across your organisation is also important. With all employees starting at the same time, you promote fairness and avoid resentment between staff if some begin work earlier than others.

Using a combination of our sounders and software, Bodet’s Harmonys System enables you to schedule audio alerts for events such as the start of a shift, or break times. These alerts are then broadcast across your organisation to synchronise your workforce. Customisable zones can be created for these announcements should different areas of your business be working different shifts. For loud warehouse environments, sounders with visual alert indicators ensure no announcement is missed. We offer a variety of sounders suited to different areas, which can be combined in a solution to fit your specific requirements.

Easy and quick communication

Logistics operations are fluid, and sometimes you will need to send a message to a group or individual staff member. This can be a difficult process if you are in a different area of the building, and have to locate employees on the warehouse floor.

Our IP/PoE microphone simply plugs into a network point, adding PA System functionality to Harmonys with the ability to make live announcements with preceding melodies, and pre-record popular messages. These can be broadcast to all sounders, a customised group, or even just one individual sounder. With our Harmonys Talk smartphone app, you can even record and broadcast messages on the move when the device is connected to the same IT network.

Stream audio to improve the working environment

With employees operating across large warehouses, it can be difficult to maintain staff motivation, especially since interaction with other workers can often be infrequent. This can be another cause of lost efficiency across your organisation.

In additional to broadcasting live and scheduled alerts, Harmonys can also be used to broadcast audio such as internet radio or streaming music. This has been used by many of our customers to improve their working environment. Similar to alerts and PA broadcasts, audio can also be zoned, enabling different departments to listen to their own choice of music. One client has already noted a marked improvement in productivity due to playing music to warehouse staff.

Synchronised Clocks

With multiple clocks over expansive warehouses, offices and even multiple buildings, it can be very difficult to ensure each one displays the same time. As with unsynchronised shift changes, failing to do this can lead to confusion and inefficiency. Independent clocks also create a huge maintenance task for the Summer/Winter changeover, as they are often mounted in high areas requiring access equipment to reach.

Harmonys can feature a Synchronised Clock System, ensuring that all clocks across your whole organisation display the same correct time. They will also update automatically as British Summer Time begins and ends, saving you money by reducing maintenance costs.

One combined solution

Not only is it far more cost effective to combine these functions for your logistics organisation in just one solution, it’s also far easier to manage. Just by accessing Bodet’s intuitive PC software, you can configure any part of your Audio Alert, PA & Synchronised Clock Systems in one location. Harmonys is also modular. Further hardware can be added onto your existing system without issue, and even additional functionality, so it’s a solution that grows alongside your business.


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