IntraLogisteX 2023 conference highlights – Day Two

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The second and final day of conferences at IntraLogisteX 2023 has come to an end. There have been so many interesting and informative presentations by industry experts over the two days. Here is a look back at some of the highlights from the conference theatres today [29 March].

The day began at the Technology and Process Theatre, where Kane Edwards, Business Development Manager at Locus Robotics, started proceedings with a presentation debunking the myths of warehouse robots. He addressed misconceptions about AMRs like the beliefs that they are only for picking or only capable of managing small orders. He explained that AMRs can be used for other purposes (inventory checks, cardboard removal etc.) and that some models in Locus Robotics’ range of AMRs can carry a weight of up to 1,300kg.

Shortly after, Sebastian Steinhauser, founder and Chief Executive of Parcelly, spoke at the IntraLogisteX Keynote Theatre about hyperlocal warehousing as a solution for urban logistics. He explained the benefits of this both in terms of improving sustainability as well as operational and cost efficiencies. Steinhauser said: “We have seen a growth in urban logistics, accelerated by the pandemic”. He also spoke about the “ever-growing” challenges associated with last mile delivery and returns, explaining what companies like Nike and Amazon are doing to address these challenges. He also emphasised the importance of robotics within warehousing, saying that it “drives the cost-efficiency of businesses like Amazon”.

At 10:50, Marks and Spencer’s Head of Procurement for Logistics and Engineering Duncan Baldock spoke at the Keynote Theatre about how to get the best out of strategic relationships from a customer perspective. Baldock said: “The key thing for us is realistic continued improvement”. He explained that “realising when to stop selling is a key thing” as it’s essential to “always try to deliver what’s been promised”. Baldock gave tips for dealing with difficult buyers and stressed the importance of open and honest communication, especially when facing procurement difficulties.

Just before the break, Simon Bennett, Business Improvement Engineer for NHS Lancashire Procurement Cluster revealed how inventory management systems been successfully deployed within both theatres and the emergency department at East Lancashire NHS Hospitals Trust. He revealed that the introduction of the Igenica 360 inventory management system has allowed the organisation to “release time back to the nurses”, having saved over 200 weeks of clinical time – the equivalent of four full-time nurses in the emergency department.

After lunch, the presentations continued, with visitors getting to hear from Chris Holmes, Supply Chain Executive Director for NHS Supply Chain, about supporting the NHS in reaching its sustainability goals and Professor Ram Ramanathan of the University of Essex Business School about how technology can be used to reduce waste in food supply chains.

These are just some of the fascinating topics that have been covered by speakers today. With just hours of the show remaining, visitors can start look forward to the Sustainable Supply Chain Conference on Wednesday 10 May 2023 in London. For more information on this event, contact [email protected].

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