Jigsaw and EV Cargo to transport glass bottles from the Middle East to the UK

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Jigsaw has won a contract to import and distribute glass bottles across the UK which will see it utilising transport and storage solutions from EV Cargo.

A current shortage of glass bottles in the UK has enabled the development of a new supply chain flow, which will see glass bottles from the Middle East travelling to the UK.

A fully managed solution across Jigsaw, Allport Cargo Services (ACS) and CM Downton, will see around 200 containers of glass bottles brought into the UK monthly from the Al Tajir glass bottle manufacturing facility in Dubai.

Under the agreement, the bottles will arrive in Bristol, Southampton, and Felixstowe ports where Allport Cargo Services, (ACS), will manage the customs clearance and transport of the products to warehouses.

Downton will store the bottles in various warehouses, before Jigsaw will manage their transportation to customer sites.

Jigsaw currently manages inbound bottles to UK customers including the world’s largest brewer and many of the Middle East-made products will be destined for major UK breweries.

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