KLG Europe to use Descartes for post-Brexit customs clearance

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Freight forwarder KLG Europe is to roll-out Descartes e-customs software to support the impending compulsory customs declarations processes post-Brexit.

Some 95% of operations at KLG Europe have been conducted within the EU, meaning that prior to the end of the Brexit transition period on 1 January 2021, customs declarations have not been necessary.

KLG Europe said that as a result it was facing an increase in EU customs declarations from zero to 28,000 per year.

“Ensuring that our day-to-to logistics business remains accurate and efficient for our customers is top priority, so it was absolutely crucial to find a solution that could enable us to cope with the huge extra volume of customs declarations that will be required post Brexit,” said Jamie Wood, general manager, KLG Europe Bradford.

For the freight forwarders’ 5% of import and exports to non-EU countries, customs declarations had been previously outsourced to agents.

Pol Sweeney, vice-president of sales and business manager UK at Descartes, said: “For businesses like KLG Europe, that are going from processing zero customs declarations to tens of thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands overnight, the complex process of managing in-house customs declarations may not seem appealing. But, as KLG Europe realised, it made more sense for their operation to develop in-house expertise.”

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