KNAPP sings high praises for the co-located IntraLogisteX and Robotics and Automation shows

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Michelle Mooney spoke to KNAPP’s Business Development Manager Martijn Koudijs about what the company was showcasing and how the show was going…

What are you showcasing today?

‘We started showcasing today to get a feel for how the show was since both events are now collocated and it’s been absolutely fantastic, there’s been a very high footfall.

‘What we’re showcasing today is several products and solutions. We provide solutions for various sectors like fashion, food, retail, food, and 3PLs, so there’s quite a large range of solutions we can offer. Like robotics, and automated pocket systems, picking systems, dense storage systems, automated retrieval, and more.’

Have you see an overlap in the types of visitors you’ve had to your stand as we’ve combined both shows in the same location?

‘The footfall is a lot higher compared to last year, and there’s a lot of synergy between IntraLogisteX and Robotics, and we think it’s a brilliant!’

What are you hoping to get out of the two days?

‘Leads and opportunities, delinking contact with existing clients, as well as new contacts with potential clients, who we can therefore pursue.’

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