Know your ROI opportunities with auto-packing

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Ecommerce companies that use Automated Packaging create efficiencies and save money

Our goals are the same as yours – enhance the value of your company by creating efficiencies and saving money. The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions will help you operate lean, use less materials and void fill, ship parcels more efficiently and reduce shipping volume. Some of our customers have seen a full return on investment in as little as six months.

Check out these automated packaging success stories

CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics is a global 3PL party that handles more than 850,000 parcels per year. Main drivers for choosing the CVP Automated Packaging Solution from Packaging by Quadient were:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Partnership with Quadient

Do you like to know the ROI of the CVP Automated Packaging Solution for CEVA? Read the Case Study here.

George, part of ASDA,  is one of the largest fashion retailers in the UK. The online channel has grown rapidly. At peak times they process 31,000 units a day. The business case made for the CVP Automated Packaging Solution was based on:

  • Cardboard savings
  • More efficient use of labour
  • Eco friendly packaging

See how the performance and ROI of the CVP outperformed all projections. Read the Case Study here.

Automation Efficiencies

Less environmental impact by replacing material usage and optimising box size for a smaller carbon footprint.

One or two operator required to produce high-volume packing speeds. This allows for elimination of 8-32 packing stations while increasing packaging process efficiencies and reducing labor costs.

Reduce shipping volume and volume based freight costs by eliminating the need for larger than required boxes that incur unnecessarily high shipping costs.

Package a diverse product mix of hard or soft single- or multi-item orders in the minimum-size box required.

Reduce corrugate spend and minimise or eliminate void fill usage with a fit-to-size box.

 Are you ready to optimise your packaging operations and interested in a free ROI analysis? Please contact us at and our experts will be at your service.

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