Körber partners with Balyo to increase warehouse throughput

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Körber has signed a deal with advanced autonomous forklift robot developer Balyo, to increase warehouse throughput and productivity. 

Körber will work with Balyo to integrate its range of robotics to overcome challenges associated with full pallets, bulk movements, and heavy goods.

The technologies will also enhance employee safety and efficiency with the ‘stop-and-go’ features. A safer work setting is provided through smart safety and stop-and-go features, scanning the environment in real time for obstructions and instructing the robotic truck or tow tractor to move or stop accordingly. The robotic lift trucks also overcome labour shortages.

Pascal Rialland, CEO of Balyo said: “Kӧrber’s expertise in warehousing and logistics and their global presence reinforce the complementary nature of our two companies and are a major asset for deploying Balyo complementary solutions to our customers.”

Nishan Wijemanne, Global Leader AMR/Robotics, Körber Business Area Supply Chain added: “Our partnership with Balyo is a testament to Körber’s dedication to offer the right tools to make this a reality. Robotics bring a new level of performance to warehousing and logistics.”

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