Kuehne+Nagel partners with Lufthansa to promote the use of “carbon neutral” aviation fuel

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Kuehne+Nagel and Lufthansa have partnered to promote the use of synthetic fuel from NGO Atmosfair.

Both companies have committed to supporting the first production site for synthetic ‘sustainable’ aviation fuel, (SAF), by purchasing 25,000 litres per year for the next five years from Atmosfair.

The synthetic SAF is set to replace the need for more environmentally damaging alternatives such as traditional fuel.

Using synthetic SAF avoids supply limitations that may come with sourcing bio SAF which comes from waste products and feedstocks with ‘low’ carbon content.

Yngve Ruud, Member of the Management Board of Kuehne+Nagel, Air Logistics said: “Already now, Kuehne+Nagel customers can avoid carbon emissions of their shipments globally with our bio SAF solutions and I am delighted to see that time has come for synthetic SAF as the longterm solution for aviation.

“By securing the first power-to-liquid fuel production together with Lufthansa Cargo, we are sending a strong message of commitment and collaboration, inviting our industry colleagues and customers to join us in creating the low-carbon economy of the future already today.”

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