Locus Robotics passes quarter billion picking milestone

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Locus Robotics said it has passed the 250,000,000 units picked milestone, with its robots now picking 10,000 units every fifteen minutes – a 263% year-on-year increase.

Across the installed base, Locus said it was now regularly exceeding volume levels of one million picks per day.

Rick Faulk, Chief Executive of Locus Robotics. said: “With the pandemic, the 2020 holiday season is presenting challenges to fulfilment businesses everywhere.

“As consumers purchase – and return – many goods online, our ability to support both picking and put-away delivers tremendous flexibility and value to our customers, while providing the significant productivity improvements they demand.”

Adam Coventry, Head of Warehousing, Boots UK said: “Our ongoing work using robotics in our warehouses, and our partnership with Locus continues to be important to the success of our e-commerce business, ensuring that our fulfilment centre operations are optimised even in the face of seasonal peaks and COVID-19.”

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How Robots help top UK retailer increase productivity in times of disruption

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