Logistics Manager Magazine November 2020

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The November 2020 issue of Logistics Manager Magazine is now available to read online!

Inside you’ll find the latest on packaging technology, automation in the warehouse, how IT transport management systems are changing the supply chain, and much more!

Cover Story; Future Imperfect?

Automation has changed the retail sector for good, but can the next wave of technology contend with Covid-19?

IT Transport Management Systems; On Time, First Time….

Running a commercial vehicle fleet on an effective transport management system for a retail operation is more than just plug and play. It requires an understanding of customer behaviour, product flow and the way emerging technologies are changing logistics flows.

Packaging and Packaging Technology; Filling the Void

Successful packaging means getting smart; in the materials used, the way items are packed and the technology tracking deliveries. But is it enough to meet the demands of environmentally-conscious customers?

Forklift Safety; Safety First

Safety in the warehouse is paramount, but maintaining safety when operations peak requires robust processes. Augmenting this with the latest technology offers the most pragmatic approach to safety.

Big Sheds; the New Normal?

The speed of change in the post-Covid-19 economy is shaking up the property market and the demand for Big Sheds.

And more….

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