Logistics Manager Magazine November 2021

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The November 2021 issue of Logistics Manager Magazine is now available to read online!

Cover Story: Digital Twins
Is two better than one? Discover how implementing a digital twin can help to improve efficiency and reduce supply chain costs.

The Big Question: 5G in logistics
How is the latest technology transforming the supply chain industry? Nick Bradley looks at the potential uses of 5G in the near and distant future.

Logistics lessons learned from the pandemic:
Fixing supply chain problems caused by the pandemic requires a different way of thinking, and Nick Bradley investigates the key supply chain lessons to take away from Covid-19.

Interview with Supply Chain Excellence Awards judge Andy Manning: 
Manning discusses sustainable fuels and supply chain challenges with Logistics Manger’s Nick Bradley.

Market Insight: Intralogistics:
AGVs were a key starting point on the road to autonomous working, but is there still a place for them in today’s AMR-filled warehouses?

Supply Chain Excellence Awards: NHS Supply Chain:
With world-class health and safety helping to ensure resilience in the NHS Supply Chain, Logistics Manager looks at how Unipart’s capability to embrace and adapt to change came to the fore during the height of the pandemic.

Property: Sticks and stones:
Discover how out-dated perceptions persist in the property market.

And much more….

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