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Akabo Media, publisher of Logistics Manager, continues to expand the ways in which it delivers exclusive and original content to our readers and the latest episode of Logistics Manager Vision expands on last mile delivery.

The latest episode of Logistics Manager Vision focuses on last mile; one of the most essential aspects of the supply chain which could make or break the bond between customer and retailer, so it is essential to get it right.

In the second episode, Logistics Manager’s Michelle Mooney hears from the experts who have a lot to say on the last mile. Panelists included Ken Fleming, President of Logistyx Technologies, Chris Walshe, Sales & Operations Director at Stanley Handling, Alistair Lindsay, COO of Zeus Labs, Seb Robert, CEO and founder of Gophr, Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing at AA DriveTech, and Dan Myers, Managing Director, UK and Ireland of XPO Logistics.

During the discussion, the experts discuss how the last mile can be transformed into a seamless and efficient process, without sacrificing sustainability. Micromobility, sustainable fuels, increasing volumes, the list goes on for what makes a successful last mile. And the discussion will feature all perspectives.

“Autonomous deliveries are set to be a game-changer in the last mile – albeit they are also some distance from taking off on a large scale, as they are fragmented,” explained Seb Robert, CEO of Gophr.

When considering how goods can be delivered, it is not just road transport that needs to be considered, but how goods are offloaded on the other side, which adds to the complexities of the last mile. “Moving heavy and awkward loads is an extremely laborious task and if there are stairs involved, it proves an even bigger challenge. Aside from the limitations of manpower, handling such loads can cause severe injury if not carried out correctly,” said Chris Walshe, Sales & Operations Director, Stanley.

To hear more about the last mile, make sure to check out the discussion above and share it with your colleagues!

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