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An international supplier of healthcare products is already seeing the benefits of a new automated system at its new distribution centre. The new system has enabled the company to achieve substantial increases in efficiency, reductions in picking error an

Coca-Cola Enterprises is one of the world’s leading bottlers, marketers and distributors of non-alcoholic beverages such as Dr Pepper. It distributes about 4.4 billion unit cases of products in bottles, cans and fountain containers a year, operates

For car manufacturers the World is a tough place. The bottom line is, demand no longer outstrips supply. And that puts the customer firmly in the driving seat.

The major car manufacturers rely on a business model unsuited to today’s mature car markets – demand is no longer greater than supply. Clearly, a new strategy to make and supply is required if manufacturers are to pull out of the red.

Though still cost-obsessed, the auto industry’s inbound supply chain has slipped from its pre-eminent position and could now learn a few things from other sectors. Perhaps the delivery standards of supermarkets could apply?

With little sign that the automotive industry is going to solve its overcapacity problems anytime soon, supply chain efficiency will remain one of the prime areas for maintaining margins – and that means a focus on information visibility.

Manufacturers are going to have to do more to earn a crust from the lucrative auto after-market with the lifting of block exemption. Dealers will be flying their own flags.

Fullers Logistics, the key logistics partner to Masterfoods’ (formerly Mars Confectionery) site in Slough, has awarded a major contract to integrated materials handling and storage equipment company Locators to supply a range of Toyota industrial equipmen

Europe’s transport network faces many challenges and concerns with congestion, tolling, higher operating costs and worsening environmental impact being just some of the continuing constraints and problems imposed by the growth in road transport. Such issu