London mayoral candidates target HGVs

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All four of the major party mayoral candidates have outlined plans to reduce the number of HGVs on London roads in their manifestos.

Labour candidate Sadiq Khan has said if voted in, he will work with businesses, local authorities and freight companies to decrease the number of large lorries on the capital’s roads, particularly at busy times.

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative candidate, simply said that he would bring in ‘tougher rules for HGVs and Vans’.

Green Party candidate Siân Berry said in her manifesto: “It is likely we shall need to exclude the most polluting vehicles from our city entirely, not simply charge them more.”

Caroline Pidgeon of the Liberal Democrats said that she would support the extension of the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) to HGVs and coaches in London. She also outlined plans to introduce a rush hour HGV and construction lorry ban – facilitated by ‘amending existing planning restrictions on delivery times working with businesses, local communities and the boroughs.’

As well as this, her manifesto describes plans to ensure that GLA Group procurement ‘insists on direct vision cabs and HGV safety technology’ – this would be extended to all lorries operating in the capital by 2018.

Another commonality in the manifestos is a drive towards greater use of the River Thames for freight. Both Khan and Berry said that they would push for more freight to be transported via rivers and canals.

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