Menzies looks to expand flat fee parcel service

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Menzies Distribution is looking to roll out its flat fee parcel service model to more areas of the UK following strong interest in the service in the highlands of Scotland.

More than 1,200 people have set up accounts for Highland Parcels service which was launched a few weeks ago to offer a £4.99 delivery service to residents in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

The flat fee service was launched in response to concerns over the “post-code penalty” that has seen residents penalised with disproportionately high delivery charges.

By registering with Highland Parcels, users get a virtual address at Menzies Distribution’s Central Belt depot, with the firm notifying recipients by email when their parcel has arrived and then arranging final delivery to their personal address or their local depot for a flat-fee.

Menzies is looking to roll out the flat-fee model to other areas of the UK where a combination of rural infrastructure and challenging geography means that residents are also being classified as ‘hard to reach’. Consumers and businesses in these areas face additional charges of around £15 per delivery (on average) and with some customers waiting as long as 35 days for their orders.

Fraser MacLean, general manager of parcel logistics, said: “Our service is simple for people to use and consumers and businesses are voting with their feet.”


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