Microlise to provide free tracking to help with COVID-19 pandemic

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Microlise is providing a free service of asset tracking and communication solutions to frontline public sectors and not-for-profit organisations, while the coronavirus pandemic continues.

A solution from Microlise has already been deployed at speed to support the Nottingham City GP Alliance which is performing home visits to test suspected Covid-19 patients.

There is also a Microlise app for doctors which helps administrative teams to pinpoint the nearest doctor to a patient’s address.

For companies within the supply chain, Microlise solutions are providing planning; tracking and delivery; real-time communication capability, and workflow management which is particularly usefeul for companies which are scaling up their operations during this time.

The company also works with the vast majority of UK supermarkets, as well as hauliers that support these businesses, by providing telematics, proof of delivery, and journey management.

Nadeem Raza, Microlise CEO said: “Our customers are depending on our mission-critical solutions like never before.

“We are doing all we can to support their efforts and are delighted to offer that same support to public sector and not-for-profits – whether that’s frontline NHS workers, pharmaceutical suppliers, local authorities delivering essential food parcels or other organisations who are keeping the country going during these difficult times.

“Microlise will endeavour to support community effort in any way we can. If the capacity to track the location of your resources, optimise routes and communicate with personnel in real-time would be beneficial, please get in touch.”

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