New IoT asset monitoring partnership announced

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Cloudleaf provides a SaaS digital intelligence platform that leverages IoT and digital twin technologies to bring enhanced solutions that deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility across the globe. Adapt Ideations is a leading asset intelligence management solution, developing monitoring solutions for high-value and temperature sensitive assets within the global supply chain. The two companies have announced a technology partnership this week.

Together Cloudleaf and Adapt Ideations are providing organisations with the ability to track their assets through Adapt Ideations’s innovative hardware technologies that integrate directly into Cloudleaf’s ‘single source-of-truth’ SaaS platform. Combining these strengths, end-users gain end-to-end visibility of their supply chains and transform everyday data into highly efficient operations.

“Adapt Ideations is proud to strategically partner with Cloudleaf, offering world-class, industry-disrupting, near real-time solutions globally,” said Jody Radoff, Adapt Ideations CRO. “Both Adapt Ideations and Cloudleaf understand the power of data in today’s market. Combined, we offer a new aspect to near real-time data capture and the predictive analytics framework that will drive smarter decision-making at the source. This partnership brings about the best of all aspects of data intelligence that move industries forward.”

“The Cloudleaf platform provides flexibility in the development and deployment of ground-truth data solutions for supply chain,” added Ken Carpenter, Cloudleaf’s Head of Partnerships. “Matching that with the power of Adapt Ideations’s offerings provides resolution to IoT use cases now and sustainability into the future.”

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