New partnership connects smart glasses to industrial AR platform

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Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments has partnered with industrial software company Librestream to connect its smart technology to the latter’s augmented reality (AR) platform.

The partnership will see ECOM’s Visor-Ex rugged smart glasses and Smart-Ex intrinsically safe smartphones work alongside Librestream’s OnSight connect platform in an attempt to improve visibility and streamline communication in dangerous industrial environments.

Carl Henderson, Global Account Manager of Enterprise Mobility at ECOM Instruments, said: “Today’s industrial businesses require mobile solutions that not only increase productivity but also stand up to the harsh elements of industrial workplaces.”

He continued: “The partnership with Librestream supports our vision to digitally supercharge the frontlines enabling people to be safer, more productive, and better connected to co-workers and information.”

By using the glasses, workers can gain access to relevant data needed to carry out their tasks, with both hands free. This aims to safely guide them as they progress through their workflows. They can get assistance by pressing a button, instantly contacting an expert or superior through OnSight without having to wait for someone to arrive on site.

This level of communication could be particularly beneficial when working around dangerous equipment or hazardous materials, for example, to report an incident. The smart glasses are fitted with an integrated camera, which can stream events live, allowing experts to properly assess the situation and advise workers appropriately.

Marieke Wijtkamp, Senior Vice President of Product at Librestream, believes that the partnership will “provide workers in potentially hazardous environments with a full toolset that supports their unique needs”.

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