New tracking solution to increase journey visibility for Europe’s trucking market

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Supply Chain Excellence Award nominee, sennder, the digital road freight forwarder, IVECO, and CO3 (a data platform for European road freight) have announced a partnership to track loads on the sennder platform.

The three companies are working to simplify transport tracking for the entire industry, by using and activating inbuilt GPS devices on vehicles. The result provides shippers with greater visibility over the transportation journey and carriers with a streamlined digital onboarding process.

sennder, IVECO and CO3 have co-created an end-to-end GPS tracking solution, which will give shippers the capability to track almost every load in Europe, including spot loads. It is powered by CO3’s technology, assisted by IVECO’s integrated vehicle tracking and connected to sennder’s sennOS platform. Spot loads account for 20% of the trucking market and are often one-time loads fulfilled on short notice, most commonly on the same day as the terms are agreed. At present, this short-notice approach means that carriers must pick up the goods quickly, leaving insufficient time to activate GPS tracking systems. But now, when a shipper requests a load and sennder matches it to a carrier, carriers can activate it in as little as 10 minutes via CO3’s technology. The process previously took in excess of 48 hours – the partnership has reduced this by 99%.

“Today visibility helps in optimising supply chain management and supports risk and incident management in the contract market,” commented Grzegorz Patynek, CEO and founder at CO3. “In the project we addressed the lack of spot tracking solutions and focused on single order monitoring. Therefore, our partnership is the first step in addressing this complex problem more broadly and finding partners who see value for the current group of their clients. Such partners are IVECO and sennder.”

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