NHS to use augmented reality inventory management system

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Ingencia Solutions is working with Scandit to deliver a new inventory management system for the NHS that uses enterprise-grade barcode scanning and augmented reality (AR) for mobile devices.

By integrating Scandit’s AR capabilities into Ingenica Solutions’ 360 IM product, NHS workers can scan hospital supplies with any smart device or handheld scanner and view real-time inventory information via AR-overlays – such as product expiration dates and stock levels.

Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller said: “Workers in the healthcare sector, particularly in the NHS, are incredibly time poor and new ways are needed to free up staff from inefficient tasks.

“Our partnership with Ingenica Solutions will help transform inventory management across NHS systems. Computer vision and AR technology has the ability to inject speed and accuracy into the healthcare sector, reducing human error, improving patient safety and lowering costs.

“This type of technology will become the norm in digital healthcare for decades to come.”

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