Nike is transforming its supply chain

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The company has said that it will be changing the way its operations are carried out to better suit ‘customer needs’ and will be digitising its supply chain.

Part of the initiative to transform its supply chain includes the introduction of regional service centres to increase speed, precision, and ‘sustainability’, the company has said. Part of this means expanding these services in the US, as well as Europe.

Further, the company has said that it will be investing in automation and technology, as well as making packaging more ‘sustainable’.

It plans on doing this by reducing the number of split packages, and utilising pop-up cartons that are made of 65% recycled material.

It is also utilising ground shipping which provides a slightly less carbon-intensive than air freight.

“From early in the global pandemic, we knew that our recovery and return to growth would neither be linear nor intuitive,” explained Andrew Campion, Nike Chief Operating Officer.

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