Noodle maker goes semi-automatic with Jungheinrich

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Jungheinrich is to provide Germany’s largest noodle producer Erfurter Teigwaren with a semi-automatic finished goods warehouse in Erfurt, Thuringia.

The long hall (130 x 55 metres) will feature Jungheinrich’s shuttle solution which can hold over 26,000 pallets. The warehouse will make use of Jungheinrich EKS 215a automated guided vehicles which will operate a rack system with a total of six Jungheinrich Under Pallet Carriers.

The shuttles will be controlled by WLAN and will constantly communicate with the AGVs.

The AGVs are regulated by Jungheinrich control software and logistics interface, which communicates with the trucks via the Warehouse Management System. Existing manual truck used in the warehouse will also connected and equipped with the liftNAVIGATION semi-automatic rack height selector. Once deployed, Jungheinrich will provide a full service for the complete system.

There is no “one-size-fits-all approach,” said Steve Richmond, logistics systems director, so Jungheinrich aimed to “create a solution that’s bespoke to the exact requirements and set-up of their business.” The new warehouse is scheduled to be commissioned in October.

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