One in four vans fail first MoT

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One in four vans fails its first MoT test at three years, according to consumer web site Honest John Vans, which is calling on the government to introduce a test at two years for vans.

MoT data from the DVSA for 2017 shows that a quarter of a million vans had their first test, with 61,000 failing. Lighting, brakes and tyres were the most common causes of failure.

The test data shows that a typical van clocks up 47,000 miles by the time it has its first test at three years, while the average car has covered 26,000 miles over the same period of time. As a result, 86 per cent of three-year-old cars will pass the first MoT – a figure that’s significantly better than similar aged vans.

Top five causes of failure during a van’s first MoT at three years

1) Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment – 36,660 yearly failures

2) Driver’s view of the road – 14,056 yearly failures

3) Brakes – 13,190 yearly failures

4) Tyres – 10,605 yearly failures

5) Suspension – 6,551 yearly failures


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