Out now: Logistics Manager, January 2015

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The January 2015 issue of Logistics Manager is now available to read online and for the iPad.

LM Front CoverCover Story: Small is beautiful
SMEs represent over 99 per cent of all private sector businesses, and make a disproportionate contribution to job creation;. They also play a key role in growth by driving competition and stimulating innovation. Our special report looks at the logistics challenges and opportunities.

Make your business grow: Small and medium sized manufactures and retailers face a number of logistics challenges. How can they develop logistics strategies to enable them to compete?

Investing in relationships: While SMEs lack the deep pockets of their larger rivals, they are also free of the burden that those pockets bring, giving them to speed to adapt and change in ever evolving climates.

Take on the big boys: SMEs might not have the scale of some of their competitors, but making the right choices for warehouse equipment and IT, can help level the playing field.

Logistics IT: Tech to keep you ahead
Staying ahead in the logistics market increasingly means keeping up with developments in information technology. But which IT developments are shaping the way logistics will be done in 2015?

Property: Speculative thoughts in the North West
Developers and funds are increasingly thinking of speculative development to meet demand for good quality warehousing across the region.

Round Table: Warehouse of the future
Will we need warehouses in the future – and if so what will they look like? That was the question we posed to a panel of experts at our round table sponsored by Honeywell.

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