OW Robotics adds automated forklift to its warehouse range

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OW Robotics has launched its F4 automated forklift, to increase ‘flexible automation’ in the warehouse. 

The f4 automated robot is designed to move palletised stock around the warehouse and can work alongside warehouse employees and existing materials handling equipment.

The technology which is manufactured by Hikrobot, is aimed at improving oder fulfilment efficiency, reducing forklift related accidents and costs, and freeing up time for employees.

Joe Daft, Head of Robotics at OW Robotics said: “Right now, businesses are faced with some really tough challenges to be able to meet and increase their order fulfilment.

“Without a high level of automation, it’s a real challenge to meet the expectations [of increased e-commerce orders].”

He adds: “That’s why many businesses we are working with and having conversations with are automating key processes in the warehouse. The F4 automated forklift is naturally the next step to complement A-to-B warehouse robotics like our Q3 and Q7 models which are great at moving products around the warehouse.

“Businesses are reviewing their warehouse operations following the effect of the pandemic and driving down costs while increasing order throughput is the ultimate goal. Automation is going to be key to that,  and I expect we will see more warehouses adopt technology, like the F4, in the next few years.”

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