Pallet Stability Testing Endorsed by EUMOS

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Samuel Grant Packaging have launched the UK’s only EUMOS approved pallet stability testing centre.

Samuel Grant Packaging’s Samson Nano Slingshot is the first of its kind to be installed in the UK. The Samson Nano Slingshot replicates the inertia of a vehicle and whether the load will potentially displace. The machine can initially test at 0.1G and work up to the EUMOS standard of 0.8G.  From the pallet data entered, the maximum deformation of the load is calculated to create a pass or fail.

Revered in the transit packaging industry for their own pallet wrap system the Samson Nano, for which the company received a Queen’s Award for Innovation, the investment in the Slingshot machine seemed an obvious progression for the company. Pallet stability and safety are crucial to manufacturers, who not only want their goods to reach their destination in perfect condition, but also need to keep their warehouse teams, logistics operations and the wider public, safe from displaced loads.

EUMOS is the European Safe Logistics Association, of which Samuel Grant Packaging are proud members. EUMOS are aiming to reduce the number of fatalities to Zero by 2050 instilling safer working practices throughout the supply chain and have created standards which are industry recognised.  By using the Samson Nano Slingshot, Samuel Grant Packaging can certify to the EUMOS:40509 2020 safety standards.

Julia Allen, Managing Director of Samuel Grant Sheffield said, “We are proud to be part of EUMOS and offer the Slingshot in the UK to certify clients loads to EUMOS:40509 2020 standards. Not only does this offer peace of mind in getting goods delivered in an ‘as despatched’ condition, but also helps logistics companies and manufacturers avoid the cost and damage to reputation associated with claims or governing body investigations if loads are shed or damaged.”

For more information, watch the video.

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