Passport to safety in logistics

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The UK Warehousing Association in conjunction with Safety Pass Alliance is looking to create a one day health & safety passport training scheme specifically for the warehousing and logistics industry.

CEO Peter Ward said: “Health and safety is something UKWA takes very seriously and we must constantly seek ways to reduce the risk for those working in logistics. I believe that this passport initiative is an important further step towards a safer logistics sector.”

SPA is a provider of safety passport schemes and has developed a number of safety programmes including Petrol Retail, Mineral Products (Quarry), Food & Drink and Live Events.

On successful completion of the one day health & safety passport training scheme, each contractor or agency worker will gain a SPA Passport, which needs to be produced on request by appropriate member of staff for the employing organisation. There is scope within the scheme to open this up to employees too. The commitment from the logistics industry is in the ‘policing’ of the passports at site level to ensure the momentum and importance of the programme is maintained.

With many companies requiring evidence that visiting workers and contractors have been trained in health and safety, more and more industries are introducing safety passport schemes.

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